The Name Jakin

JAKIN also spelt Jachin” is a Hebrew word for “HE ESTABLISHES” a powerful word rarely used in the bible times but were found, it is used for both a living and a non-living thing that has a fundamental purpose in God’s temple. The purposes are necessities to both the physical and the spiritual aspects of the lord’s house. Without them the lord’s house cannot stand neither can it function as a holy place of worship nor a provisional meeting place of God with his people Israel.

It is the name of the right or south pillar of the lord’s temple built by King Solomon according to divine instruction (I King 7:21, 2 Chron 3:17) (NIV). It is also found in 1 Chron 9:10 as the name of an Israelite PRIEST an authorized minister of God serving in the sanctuary. He is described in verse 13b as “an able man responsible for ministering in the house of God” (NIV).

In 1 chronicles 24v 17 and 19, JAKIN’s (a priest) appointed order of ministering when entering the temple of the lord according to the regulations prescribed for priests by their fore father, Aaron, as the Lord, the God of Israel has commanded him is Number “21″. This is surely a confirmation that JAKIN is one of God’s end `time`instrument for making conditions of living conducive for mankind and our vision is a global village devoid of poverty and its consequences while our MISSION is to work with vulnerable groups in Africa to overcome economic, educational and health hardships.