Dress A Child For School Project

This project is held annually every September 8th to commemorate the UNESCO declared International Literacy Day.  The theme of each year’s event is always in line with the global theme. This year being the 6th edition, 500 Orphans and vulnerable children in Lagos state will each receive two brand new school uniforms, a school bag, two pairs of socks, a pair of school sandals, a dozen exercise books, a mathematical set (secondary school students only) and a branded pencil case containing a biro, pencil, eraser, sharpener, and ruler in preparation for the next academic session which will commence in September. The beneficiaries are majorly from Makoko and Iwaya Slums. Since its inception in 2010, 1,750 orphans and vulnerable children in Lagos state have already benefited from this gesture of love.
The United Nations Agency for International Development defines an orphan as a child under 18 whose mother, father, or both parents are dead. Therefore, there are maternal, paternal orphans [half orphans] and double orphans while vulnerable children refer to groups of children that experience negative outcomes such as the loss of their education, morbidity and malnutrition at higher rates than do their peers. Minority status, disability and residence in underserved areas can also make children vulnerable, with girls being at higher risks. Other causes of orphaning and vulnerability include poverty, conflicts, road accidents, disease, etc. However, not all vulnerable children are orphans, but all orphans are vulnerable.
The above described children are the focus of JAKIN N.G.O Dress a child for School project which is initiated to improve their access to education and restore their loss of education by mitigating the challenges they are facing in assessing the free education provided in the public schools by the Government. Without basic school items and adequate motivation to be educated, this children may end up as drop outs or not even enrolled. If this situation is not averted now, majority of them become the liability we will carry tomorrow when they become miscreants, armed robbers, rapists, fraudsters etc.
Literacy is the solution to virtually all the social ills in our society.
During the event, a guest speaker will speak on the theme which will be in line with the global theme. Other activities include talent exhibition by the beneficiaries – Jakin Children’s club members and guest artists present.
The total BUDGET for the event is eight million naira.
Educational Items needed include:
1) 1,000 school uniforms @ N1,700,000
2) 500 pairs of school sandals @ N500,000
3) 1000 pairs of school socks @ N300,000
4) 500 dozens of exercise books @ N500,000
5) 500 school bags@ N1,000,000
6) 500 biros, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, branded pencil cases and 250 mathematical sets @ N500,000
Non educational requirements include
1) Refreshment for 500 children and 400 adults @ N1, 195,000 inclusive of packaged food, snacks, bottled drink and water.
2) 1,500 capacity hall rent, decoration, DJ and sound system rent, printing (banners, invitation cards, event program, t-shirts), guest artist, media and compere honorarium among others @ N2,805,000
Kindly note that individuals, groups, religious bodies, other N.G.Os and corporate organisations are most welcomed to sponsor or volunteer. A comprehensive budget and proposal can also be provided on request. . For logistic purposes, please note that, donations either in cash or kind are preferred as from now.
For more information on how to support in cash or kind, pls contact Sanya on 08027884221 or Biodun on 08057874393.

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